1. Thank you! I cherish every moment! 😇

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  5. Great day at nimbin show 2014 yesterday.
    Miss Lilly was a little angel came hi ever happy with…
    • champion hack
    • champion associate rider
    • reserve champion led Australian Warmblood
    And sporting.. 2nd in flags and bends and 1st in barrels
    I was very pleased! :)

  6. I use to be mainly eventing. But now I’m starting to train up for rodeos, Barrels and campdrafting. With a bit of sporting at local shows as experience for my horses to gain confidence. But I’m just looking to have fun! And rodeos and bullrides are my kind of people

  7. Thank you!! :D I use a number of different cameras and my good old iphone. Hope you have a lovely day :) x

  8. You’re welcome! It’s an amazing experience! I’m making the most of it now. As people are trying to ban the horses of the beaches :((


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